By Leff
We just unboxed our vortex robot and played with it using the iOS VortexBot app.

Then we tried the WhenDo application for iOS. We uploaded something very simple with couple of actions and we realized that the robot stopped working.

There is a red light on the bottom of the robot that turns on when we start the VortexBot app.

What can I do to restore it?


Using WhenDo app to upload any new program will overwrite his default settings, which will prevent him from running the VortexBot game. To re-enable the VortexBot control, simply restore him to factory settings.

You can notice it on the booklet, WhenDo programming..., page3, and find how.

I've had this same issue. Telling one to 'read the manual' is not helpful when the manual is actually wrong, as it is in this case. There are two stages to resetting Vortex to factory settings.

1. The 'Game Reset' module needs to be in the list of active modules that appears in the yellow panel at the left of the programming interface in the WhenDo app. To get it there, tap 'More' at the bottom of the Modules window. Then scroll down to the 'Vortex' module list. Tap the 'Game Reset' module to select it, then tap the '+' at the bottom right. Game Reset should now appear in the Modules window.

2. Press the 'left arrow' icon to return to the programming interface. Provided that 'Game Reset' is in the list, press the 'Upload' button in the top right of the listing screen. A progress bar appears, and you should also see flashing lights underneath Vortex as the default firmware is uploaded. When you get the 'Done' message on the iPad, click OK to dismiss it. Now power Vortex off and on again to activate the new firmware.

This is not the end of the story though. In order to use the app to program Vortex again, you now need to remove the 'Game Reset' module from the list of active modules. To do this, first press the 'More' button again. This brings up the list of modules. Page 40 of the manual says to tap on the 'Game Reset' module to remove it, but what you actually need to do is to swipe left over the module. This brings up the red 'Delete' button. Tap that and you're done.

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