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Hi, i plan to order a "Smart Servo Shield" for Arduino. ... rsidTj2ZmM

But i want be sure that shield is 'compatible' ok for use with a servo motor Dynamixel MX-64T. ... /mx-64.htm

On the description of the product they only talk about For Robotis Dynamixel AX/MX Series. But all of them or just someone ?
Thank you
By Leff
Sorry for the late reply, it is compatible which you mentioned, but what should be noted is, which could also see in the shopping page as well as in the code, it should be reset whenever switch its working mode, that is servo/ motor mode.
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No problem, you are not so late. I know before was Chinese happy new year ;-) .
Ok perfect, so i will try it after get my order . :D

But i still have one question, How many amps (A) maximum can pass the smart servo shieldd by DFROBOT ? Because of my servo Dynamixel MX-64T, need use 4,1 amp for 12V.
I can't find that information on the shopping page .

Many thanks
By Leff

According to the width of the PCB line, that is 2.28mm(90mil) for each route, and 3.4mm for PWR IN, then in theoretically, it could support 3A servo, and totoally 5A.(Calculated by 2A - 3mm)
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Hi, sorry . But i get my order today . And after try many times. I find the smart servo shield work perfectly with the servo motor [ Dynamixel AX-12 ] But not with MX-64T ;-(
Do i need modify some code in the library ? Thank you for your help.
I really hope i can use it with MX-64T servo , i already spend 800$ for buy some servos ^^
I 'm waiting on your answer . Thank you for everything
By Leff
Hi again,

How are you doing?

Here is our suggestion if you could read the code for that shield(Slave code for deeper development_update). Sorry that we don't have MX servo at hand, so we cannot have a try.

The idea is to modify the code in the above code as you said before accoding to the EEPROM table of MX, for example, the code at line 18&19 are matching that table content, while some others are not. (AX servo, official site)

Code: Select all
#define P_MODEL_NUMBER_L 0
#define P_MODEL_NUMBER_H 1

(10.99 KiB) Downloaded 1116 times

And as to how to download that code, you could use a FTDI device to upload the .ino code file to the shield through the serial interface.

(468.3 KiB) Downloaded 1116 times

Note: As circled in the picture in red, you have to use a Soldering Iron to solder off the tin on the serial pins which in the circle. It seems not very clearly, actually, for example. on the pin TX, there are two holes actually, soldering off the tin will cut off the connection, then you can download successfully.
Hello, I have bought the shield but I want to have an additional function like reading from the encoder but currently there is no such function.
So I want to try to update the development code.
Can you show me what connection I need to make, how to connect them and how to select the Arduino Optiboot8 in the IDE?

Thank you