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Hello.I´m using the europe version and charging the shield with a 12V 1.5A
I have also a similiar problem with the attach function,the net light is blinking and the signal strength is working. Using the at command "AT+COPS" it cant detect the network of the sim. But the sample code always fail when it uses the function sim7000.attacthService().
Can anyone help?
1. When you use the sample code, sim7000.attacthService() failed, which should be the problem with the input of the sim7000.setNetMode() parameter.

This method is used to set the in-network mode with the following parameters:
1) GPRS, for the internet of regular calling cards.
2) NB, for the networking of NB IoT cards. If you do not select the correct way to enter the network according to the corresponding calling card, the atacthService method returns false and the connection fails.

2. This problem can also arise when USAT instructions are used. Please configure the networking method correctly through the AT instruction.
NB-IOT SIM7000 Arduino Shield TurnOn Problem.png