By krt2076
I am using the Pirate-4WD Mobile Platform with a Romeo V1.2 board.

The four motors, FIT0016, which came with the Pirate are rated at 6 VDC. If the Romeo board is supplied with more than 6V that will be the voltage driving the motors when the output is set to FFh.

In ... KU:DFR0004), "Dual DC Motor Speed Control", no mention is made of being careful not to overdrive the motors.

Is the answer to merely set the output code to something less than FFh so as not to exceed the motor voltage, or am a missing a bigger picture?

By 513662311
the romeo`s working voltage is 5VDC, but the board `s external power supply range is 5-23V

there is a L298 chip on the board, its external power supply range is 2.5-46VDC.

the motor`s working voltage is 5V, but it also works on 12V. when you increase the work voltage ,the motor will turn fast. you only can revision code to lower the speed.