By Leff
I am trying to use GoBLE on my iPhone (iPhone 6S) to connect to my Romeo BLE V1. I followed all the instructions here ( ... PP_Control) but am unable to pair the GoBLE with the Romeo. When I click on the Bluetooth search key, the iPhone never sees any devices.

I have restarted the Romeo, and even updated the firmware to version 1.9 but still no luck.

Do you have any ideas or troubleshooting steps for me?

Thank so much


I met several customer saying their Bluno family products could not be found by their Iphone or Android devices, please check if the board is defective by following these 3 steps.

1 Check if your phone was supported BLE?
:arrow: Android 4.3+ & IOS 7+

2 If supported, Please go into AT mode , check if the BLE was locked by command "AT+SN=?"
:arrow: ON_means your board is good, OFF_means your board is defective

3 if got ON, please borrow your friends supported Android/ Ios Phone and have a try.
:arrow: It should work.