Hi, I bought a Lattepanda Alpha 800, but i have some doubts:

1- I installed on it a Samsung SSD 970 EVO NVMe M.2 250GB. This ssd would get run at 3500 / 1500 mb/s, but it get "only" 1700 / 1500 mb/s. Is it possible that Lattepanda hardware limits my ssd? I just installed the latest NVMe drivers and i try to work on the bios but nothing is changed.

3- I know that Lattepanda isn't a pc game, but I wanted to try it with some games. I saw that I can hear game audio at 4K resolution , but not audio at 1080p. I reinstalled the audio & directX drivers but nothing is changed. I try with some games but the result is same.

My OS is Windows 10 PRO

I just try to ask to Lattepanda but they didn't answer me. Can anyone help me please?
Thanks to all