By okieblueblood
Santa brought my son this product for Christmas. I built it, following the directions. It doesn't turn on when I touch it's head to calibrate the legs. Followed the troubleshooting in the manual, still nothing. The web page referenced in the manual...404 error. The antbo app, non-existent.

I need a return label and my money back please.
By michelle.chadwick
robert.chen wrote:
Fri Jan 04, 2019 3:53 am
Here is a wiki about this antbo, you can download the app and there are instruction about if can't turn antbo on, how to do with it, hope this can help you with your antbo
Really? And what is the problem with it was found? May be any other variant can be the best that is ready to change all the points here? After all, will you be sure in the question still? Or may be it is better to ask professionals and to ask for the description, at least, from these guys.
By rynfaxy
Your question is bit unambiguous..So i recommend pls me be more specific with it...And as someone said above u can consult professionals too if u have minimum idea about it..Thanks
By azaib2671
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