nana.wang wrote:
Mon Jun 01, 2020 3:28 am
Hi, in fact, the Mu installer in GitHub contains the full library of python in Maqueen.
You really can test it. In fact, we can also run Maqueen in Mind+, but you need to confirm the power supply in the central of the Mauqeen.
Once the power supply loosed, it will cause the I2c protocol failure.
Please note it.
By the way, we are preparing the tutorial of Mauqeen to run python. Thank you for all your consideration and support.
Nana: The MU installer in GitHib with the full Maqueen Python library you refer to here appears to be Windows only. Is there no Mac version? I'd like my students to code in Python.
I’m sorry for this post, because our technical support staff has been handed over before, and as a result, your question response was missed. Now this question has been studied by our developers, and it is expected to reply to you before January 18. Hope you Don't mind our negligence this time