Hello everyone,,
I run a robotics club for 5th to 8th graders and in this club we are building battle bots with the Arduino. They are doing an amazing job and I thought it would be so much fun if they were able to compete with these outside of our small robotics club.

Does anyone here know of any Arduino battle bot competitions within the US? Specifically within California? If not, does anyone have any suggestions on how I might go about organizing one of these? There are a lot of Vex competitions but I haven't been able to find anything with battle bots.

The kids are so excited about what they are doing so I am looking for more ways to get them involved and keep them engaged with others their age that are also into this kind of thing.
Ohh, that sounds so interesting. I hope my son will be interested in robotics when he grows up.
Right now, I am looking for a preschool facility for him, and I want to find one where he will have a good time and, at the same time, will learn new, helpful things for the future.
I've read this article https://kidcityusa.com/early-childhood- ... ive-guide/ and understood how important the right choice of a preschool might be.
Now, I am picky since it will influence my son's future!
It is very important to create something new in our world. I would like my child to take up robotics and create bots like this in the future.
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I hope your robot club will bring a lot of useful information to the 5th and 8th graders.