I just got my latte panda , after 3 attempts I finally get mine. I test it and stack it in the storage box, yesterday after few months I open it again, put the nvme on it, and inserted the Debian usb stick to install it.

After finally installed all on mmc , all good until restart when I started to get a bunch of weird errors.

After troubleshooting it I discovered that after disabling the mmc and the sd card the errors stop showing and the board works nice.

My question is , based on that, is the mmc gone ? after total 5 hours of testing since I got the board ? and I just installed fresh version of Debian and did not even had the time to do some tests on it.

I thought that this suppose to be an industrial grade board and we suppose to rely on it to work properly, but since I see this failure that is not good at all it seems.

Any advices are welcomed.

Well it seems that after some more tests it's not the mmc and it is the sdcard slot and after some digging I found as workaround either disabling that from the bios or inserting a micro sd card in the slot.

Any idea how to fix that ? I see that on the forum a lot .