By joshgang
Im doing a school project and I want the bluno beetle to send data to an android app on my phone that i created. I created the app using MIT app inventor software. I am able to connect my phone to the bluno but when i go in the app and try to connect the app to the bluno it says "check device settings, make sure the device is turned on". Now this could be a problem with my app but I want to troubleshoot the bluno first, is there a way i can edit bluno settings to make it recognizable? How can i connect the bluno to an app that isnt the bluno app you download. Every video ive found is people connecting the bluno to the bluno app but if thats all it can do thats really pointless. Also what is the difference between link and pair. When I connect the bluno to my devices the LED for the link goes off but ive never seen the pair.n
Hi thanks for your support.
Yes, it can pair APP designed by users, please try checking the source code for reference.
It contains the way to pair.
By lafnian1990
It seems to me that this program requires permission from root or other technical protocols. Android often uses this simple technology to check for suspicious programs. I recently tried to download a book ... quiz-83966 on two media at the same time and my phone gave an error. The main nuance is the use of a static address for two devices.