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We received some asking about Decastator that their tracks are not the same lenghth, e.g. One track has two more links in it (the loose one) than the other, which is why the sag is occurring and pops when the unit is moving.

Actually, it's easy to remove since these plastic links are connected with each other by a metal axis, you could use any needle to get it out with a hammer or something.

But please be careful to remove it in case of causing it broken. I have two tips for you:

1. Put a book under the track, and please notice that it's the little block that we want to protect it from breakage since the shock.

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2. If you find the one you are going to knock off is too hard to make it, please find another one and try.

And if you finally make it broken, dn't worry, actually it won't interfere much with the normal use, so just let it go.

Here is some pictures for illustration,

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