By naruhodo792170
i want to use 89s51 to control dfplayer.
But dfplayer have no response.
please tell me where is wrong.
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#include <REG51.H>
char code play[]={0x7E,0xFF,0x06,0x03,0X00,0X01,0XFF,0XE6,0XEF};
int i;
   SCON=0x50;     /mode1
   TMOD|=0x20;    /timer set
   PCON&=0x7F;   /smod=0
   TH1=TL1=0xFD;  /baud rate =9600 (use 11.0592MHz xtal.)
   TR1=1;                 /timer start
By Leff
Sorry, never tried it on 51 IC. :?

I think as long as the baud rate and the command are right, then it should work, I think you must know it better than me...sorry can not help much.