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By Leff
Here is a simple guide for Arduino programming using a FTDI programmer. And I used an Romeo for Intel Edison for example, which IC is ATmega8.

NOTE: I didn't find my pc need to install driver for the FTDI programmer, so I just skipped that.


1). Hardware we need

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2) Choose suitable voltage by setting the jumper cap, here it is 3.3V, 5V is not for this board.

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3) Connect with the target board interface, you can see the board PWR LED is on.

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4) Open the Arduino IDE and write your code, after that, please choose target board and com port, here I copied the code "NG.ino" into arduino for ATmega8 chip....

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5) Click Upload and wait a moment it will finish.

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So, that's it. Feel help a little, vote it for me, thx! :D