I pre-ordered a LattePanda Alpha 864s (Win10 Pro activated) recently (before September) and am wondering if i'm misunderstanding it when it says "LattePanda Alpha are estimated to be shipped on September 2019."

It says that they received my pre-order but the status hasn't changed from that.

I'm just wondering if this means they are going to be shipped at the end of September or have I missed the deadline? (Ordered 15/08/2019)
If anyone is browsing this and debating getting a LattePanda, don't let the wait change your mind. Albeit it did take awhile I have received it without a scratch on it and it has already exceeded my expectations!
angelogonzdiaz wrote:
Sun Oct 27, 2019 12:29 pm
Could you share what exactly exceeded your expectations?
As silly as it sounds my end plan is to make a wrist mounted computer kinda like a pip-boy but with my own twist on it. I wanted it to run some basic emulation like Gameboy, Ds, 3Ds etc as well as some basic games like Terraria, Runescape, nothing too intensive. it did all of this well.
I may make an update when/if my wrist mounted idea comes to light, I'm currently 3dprinting a case for my Panda from Thingiverse and am going to go to a plastic molding store near me to get a gauntlet of sorts made. Overall I am still very satisfied and can foresee many future projects with this.