By steven.mcneese
I purchased a couple of the 4GB/64GB boards with Win 10 Enterprise licenses and 10" touch displays for them. The 10" displays required a new image that was automatically configured to support the display. I now want to go back to the original image so it works properly with other displays connected via HDMI. However when i download the Win 10 Enterprise image, I cannot unzip it because it is corrupt. Can someone provide a link to the correct image that works? I have sent an email to support but have not heard back from anyone.

Thank you,

By steven.mcneese
I found an zip file that download and unpacked. I put it on a 16gb NTFS formatted usb flash drive but when I boot the lattepanda to usb, it loads a few fields and then says it will execute a startup file but then ends at a shell prompt and nothing happens. Not sure I have create the USB drive correctly. Can someone provide some instructions?
Hi Steve,
Thank you for your support and contact.
Due to traditional Chinese New Year Holiday, the Lattepanda tech support team is out of office now. We will feed you back as soon as possible.
Thank you for your kindly consideration.
Hi, please try re-downlaoding the image.
The image downlaod link was verified and work normally for a long time. It may caused by incomplete download.