Hey every DFRobot fans,

Gladly that you are here.

We are apreciated that you love our products, we hope our products could help bring your idea into reality and have fun.

This notice is just a reminder that you are very welcome to share your cool project in this plate using Lattepanda, asking questions or help each other. But should you have any serious product issue, like abruptly shut down, wifi not working, something get burned..., it is more suggested to post your question on http://www.lattepanda.com/forum/ to get a quicker and better responce. ;)

Hope you could enjoy your time with our products. Should you have any further question or suggestion, please don't hesitate to let us know.
By achat
I don't recommend the LattePanda product.
Their forum is fulled by negative feedbacks and the support service is missing.
I've received a defective lattepanda board and I've never get help from them.
If you search a more reliable x86 board, there are udoo x86, jaguarboard , odroid-C2, solidPC Q4 , UP board , meegopad etc...
I regret my purchase, please consult the lattepanda forum before buy and you will discover all problems.
First of All LattePanda is Not a BAD Product.!
Please inform us with the issue you currently have.! We may be able to help.!
Also remember there are 2 series of the board a 32bit version and 64bit version.
Do not expect to install a 32bit OS on the 64 bit board it simply will not work.!
Also most forums do not allow you to post if anti-virus is running so please disable for the forum or switch it off completely.!
I received all the five items I ordered about one month ago. The LattePanda (64-bit) and the 7" IPS display work very well. However, the adhesive on the 7" Capacitive Touch Panel Overlay peeled off. Because there is no adhesive on the Touch Panel Overlay, I can not secure the Touch panel to the IPS display. Can you please send me a new adhesive (the thin black substance around the Touch Panel Overlay which glues the touch panel to the IPS display).
My next question is "Can any regular glue be used instead of the adhesive?
Your quick response would be appreciated.
[email protected]