By SNOtwistR
I am not sure on the audio you have going but one of my members rray has a good grasp on audio and dsp's. Have you looked at the Directed HD radio it will not give you hd radio but will still give you am/fm. it is supported in Centrafuse, Driveline, Streetdeck and RideRunner. I think even OpenMobile supports it. If you have DAB in your country you could get the Monkeyboard DAB+ it has FM and DAB+. Another member has made a great app for that radio that I think a Centrafuse member made the plugin. If you register on the driveline forum you get to see all the posts and info related to everything you need to know regarding CarPC's. We have been putting computers in vehicles for quite some time now. Me personally have been doing it since 2007. Not sure why the links and pictures don't show on this forum. Good luck SNO