By wytdh
Good solution. But I checked on my iPhone. iPhone can find bluno. But there is no input at all. I dont know why. So I looked into the library files. Found that it just send "AT + command" to the serial. However, when I kept sending letter "a" to iPhone. There is no response. Please help me with that?
By Leff
Diamantini Manrico wrote:HI!
i need the arduino shield or i can make my own set of buttons? thanks.

Hi Diamantini,

Welcome, sorry for missing your post so long. Are you asking what's the Arduino model in the picture of Cain? If so, it should be a Bluno.

The "bluehid.rar" sample file with code can't be downloaded anymore. The link leads me to a chinese message that seems to say I don't have permission to download.

Can you please provide it again? Also, it's possible to have proper Bluetooth HID mode documentation? I.e. commands to send keystrokes and how to pair it with Android properly.

By jason
I would like to load the newest firmware onto the Bluno M0 mainboard board but the zip file is empty Where can I download the newest firmware. Also I have used bluetooth HID successfully on other bluno boards and it works well. I am following the instructions in this tutorial (except I am using 3v gravity sensors instead of game shield) but I can't get it to work on the Bluno M0 board can you verify if it works on the M0 bluno board.