By gwynethh15
We need our Delta to auto power on and used the procedure on the LP forum. Upon flashing to accomplish to auto power on (the flash worked for that) the Delta became very slow to boot. Previously about 17 seconds to working Win10 to now over a minute. We attempted to undo that following the LP forum and discovered that LP listed the return to normal file as the same as the auto power on. Oops

After finding that out and before using the wrong file we got the proper one from github. Flashed the restore file and then Win10 would crash during loading. Attempted to reinstall Win10 and it still crashed. Oops

Did we just have bad luck flashing? Are the LP instructions for the Delta wrong? We note that the Alpha process requires more than one file to be flashed to achieve auto power on.

Can anyone test test a Delta to see if it was just us or it it a LP issue.
Hi, do you mean OS image or BIOS file? The thread is tallking about BIOS updating. if it's the issue with OS reinstallation, pls check if you installed correctly and power adapter is in good condition.