By colin
I have a couple of Vortex robots that I bought a few years ago. I've recently rediscovered them and I'd like to use them in a teaching project I'm working on. I know the product has been discontinued and it seems that quite a lot of examples and so on have disappeared.

So I have two quick questions:
- Was the full BLE protocol spec for these devices ever released? I can see a couple of "coming soon" posts on this forum but I can't find if it was published anywhere.
- Did anyone ever try programming these devices using Python? I can only see examples using graphical Scratch-type languages.

Hi, we are sorry that BLE protocols are not released yet.
You can program Vortex via mindplus now, the code is in C.
By bonnie.shona
When developing a Bluetooth Low Energy peripheral, it’s often useful to have an app that can connect to and test the peripheral to ensure it’s working as expected. If, however, you don’t already have a companion app for the device, you’d either have to write one from scratch, or use an existing app, such as our flagship mobile app LightBlue® (available on Android and iOS).

LightBlue® allows you to connect to Bluetooth Low Energy devices, read and write to characteristics, subscribe to notifications, and a lot more. Though it’s a powerful tool, you’ll probably need a way to automate more complex tests for long-term development. This is a situation where we can leverage the rapid prototyping capabilities of Python and write a script that emulates a BLE client.