By loretodalt
I am trying to use the Bluno board in order to modify a current open source switch ( ... itch-60mm/) to make a wireless version. These switches are used by persons who have a motor disability and need to control their computer or mobile device using the accessibility settings in the OS. From what I am gathering, I believe the commercial versions are sending via HID a "Volume Up" for Mac and "Enter" for PC/ Android in order for the computer to recognize the switch. Although, I suspect you may be able to send any key press?
I have tried uploading a variety of sketches using the Keyboard, HID-Project, and HID Buttons libraries. None of these sketches compile correctly which I think might be because the UNO board does not support Keyboard? I tried switching to a Leonardo board which also didn't compile but I know supports Keyboard. I also found an article going over the AT commands and tried the following to place the Bluno in HID mode: AT+FSM=FSM_HID_USB_COM_BLE_AT. However, I now have errors when trying to upload anything. Even a simple blink sketch.
The error message I get:
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avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding
I would love any help in pointing me towards any sample projects or documentation that may help with what I am trying to do. Thanks in advance!
You also need an iOS device (7+) or Android device (4.3+) with support for ... data over a BLE connection between the Bluno and the mobile device. ... the <div> ) that are hidden and shown depending on what is happening.