By tor_95_3
Im using arduino version 1.8.13. Im using a 9.6 volt battery. Im using the example code given on the website.
Its seems like the windsensor is not calibrated , because the voltage values goes from 0V and up to 5V and down to 0V again, over and over. Its doing this while the windsensor is standing still or spinning.
I appreciate all the help i can get.
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Connect the voltage signal wire to Arduino analog interface:
Yellow Cable<---->A0

 void setup()

 void loop()
   int sensorValue = analogRead(A0);
   float outvoltage = sensorValue * (5.0 / 1023.0);
   Serial.print("outvoltage = ");
   int Level = 6*outvoltage;//The level of wind speed is proportional to the output voltage.
   Serial.print("wind speed is ");
   Serial.println(" level now");
In order to solve your problem, we need to know some things
1. Do you have this problem as soon as you get it, or after using it for a while
2. This is dual output, which one is used for voltage and current
3. Is the 9.6V lithium battery used? Is it consumed? The voltage does not reach 9V
4. Have you ruled out other interference?
5. Use the standard 12V input voltage to test if it is normal
By tor_95_3
1. It happend the first time i used it.
2. I dont think i understood the question. I use the voltage output, to check the windspeed.
3. Its a rechargeable battery. I charged it, so its should be at full power.
4. I got help by an experience teacher to check my soldering. So it shouldnt be a problem.
5. Im not sure what you ment. Check the windsensor with a 12V battery?
By tor_95_3
3. I tested the battery, its showed 10 V.
I was talking to a teacher. He said the Arduino needed a ground from the the windsensor to compare the signal from the windsensor. But in the connection diagram on the website, the only wire from the windsensor to the Arduino is the volt.