New Robot Side Shield Nano

I want to show you my progress and my creations, since I built my very first open source robot called Otto. I did not buy a kit but gleaned all my information off of the public sites and search engine. Otto was built in 2019 and was my first 3D printed robot. Now today I have completely changed the design of the first robot so much it does not represent Otto in any fashion that I am aware of. Here are the changes I made to the first robot I 3D printed. This will be from my memory and hopefully in the order I made the changes so you can see my progress.

    New body that houses a sideways installment of the Nano shield instead of mounting it in the head.
      Better double servo legs that are more stylish and less squarish looking. (plus a better way to mount the servos using screws.
      Instead of using the Hrc-05 sensor I made rgb eyes with leds.
        Created a new power source that uses lipo batteries with the ability to recharge without opening up the robot case. A big improvement in my opinion.
          Added in the ability to have my robot speak using a DF mini player with my own stylized case and manual push buttons.
            Created a special sound chamber for my 40 mm speaker instead of using the Piezo speaker.
              Made an Oled case for multiple displays that are now on all my robots to show personality and character. Plus I can tell stories if I want too.
                The case for the Oled now has a small distance laser range finder included for triggering events and obstacle avoidance.
                  I like war robots so I made my own Lancelot robot with rotating guns. The coolest thing about this robot is it uses 27 Neos and I am pushing the limits on these shields.
                    I started learning about the N20 geared motors and so I created robots using these motors with my own special mounting style. These all use either the DVR or TB6612 drivers. Smaller profile and more room.
                      Created a universal holder for my robot’s arms and shoulders. They use the same double servo as the legs for the shoulders.
                        Added an expansion to the body and the front plate of the robot for more room.
                          I added in pinchers to one of my wheeled robots that is mounted on the front.
                            The last creation was the ball jointed slider bearings in plastic for a stabilizer on the wheeled robots.

                            All of these robots are creations that started with my first robot called Otto. I started to learn about fritzing and created a special diagram for each robot. None of these robots are coded with straight arduino code and are only programmed in Blockly. Matter of fact if it was not for Otto blockly being written and updated, I would have never made a robot past Otto. I don’t like to type and I hate syntax errors.

                            Here is a list of the robots starting from the first to the last as best as my memory serves.

                            His ability was to walk with a newly designed double servo combination. I wanted him to use Oled eyes and mouths or images, and have a DF mini with manual push buttons. Later I added in the laser so I could trigger events. He was the first of my robots to use the shield on its side and not have a two piece design. He was also the first robot to use a ubec or buck converter with a lipo. I added in a locking push button so he could be turned on and off. He is easy to program for a beginner and easy to program for those who know more about coding. His speaker makes him a very clear and loud MP3 player only using the manual buttons if I so desire. He can dance and do all the things an otto robot can do. Krob can now be a closed unit without the need to ever open it up again because of the power source and the USB charger I installed into his speaker pack.
                            He will always be my favorite and most experienced robot to learn from.
                            https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/ ... sp=sharing

                            Piper uses a longer advance design of the double servo legs. He pretty much has all the features of Krob, only he has longer legs.
                            https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/ ... sp=sharing

                            I like playing war robots and have been since 2015, I am not a paid player and only play on the free stuff. This was the reason to create a robot with rotating guns and Neo pixels. It should never be done I know to push this much amperage into that tiny little brain. But with much experimentation and trial and error, I was able to pull it off. Lancelot uses everything that Krob has, only he is more cool looking and more beefy.
                            https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/ ... sp=sharing

                            Bork is Krob spelled backwards. I wanted to see if I could make a wheeled robot that is stable enough to use arms and shoulders to grab things. This was why Bork was made and created from a Krob body. Bork was the first robot to get the extension needed to make more room for his electronics and drivers. This robot can pick stuff up, wheel around at the same time play music using his triggers in the DF mini. He has the laser for trigger events, Oled for multiple display images and shapes, and I just added in his front pinchers. Bork uses up all the pwm pins and the digital pins on the Nano shield. He is my most maxed out robot to this date.
                            https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/ ... sp=sharing

                            Duster was made with a newer wheel design that uses metal shafts and T nut couplers that are 3mm. He does not have arms, but instead has three rgb leds in front of his bottom plate. All of his connections are made in such a way that I can unplug the bottom from the top to make improvements or corrections. Duster is a fun robot to have around, and program. He uses the same ball joint sliders that Bork uses, but his new improved wheels and metal fittings make him a very robust and solid robot. Who knows maybe one day Duster will enter into a battle bot arena?
                            https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/ ... sp=sharing

                            I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I am.

                            You can find out more video on this you tube channel.
                            https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKt8 ... suYo8OBtpA