I managed to learn Spanish during the lockdown too! It was hard for me at first because I used apps like duolingo and babbel. Since I couldn't talk to a tutor, my studying was quite slow, and I decided to change the method of learning. I contacted a tutor on this page because I read that it's better to learn a language with a native speaker, and I ascertained that it was true.
I am glad to hear what you managed to learn Spanish. This is a great success. I am now in the process of studying the Vietnamese language, it is necessary for me to develop one Asian marketing project. I will say honestly it's pretty hard. I am engaged as a tutor three times a week, I read a lot of new information and use one online service for translation from vietnamese to english that helps me quickly and qualitatively translate the texts of the large volume. It helps me a lot in the study of a foreign language and I feel that every day I concentrate on new knowledge and become more confident.