By ryanchen0504

I'm a UCLA mechanical engineering student and working on a automation class project.
We wonder the possibility for modifying your Vortex product.

(1) If we want to achieve heavy-duty task, is that possible to change your motor to other motor with higher torque?
(2) If we want to control multiple vortex, is that possible to attach our communication module on your Arduino board and controlled by windows Arduino IDE complier?
(3) Do you provide the chargeable version of Vortex, not powered by AA battery?

Thanks for your time.

Ryan Chen
By robert.chen
The board and motors have its position, if you want to change the motor, you need to make sure the space is enough for the new motor. The Bluetooth we have still not support multiple communication. We don't have chargeable vortex, for you requirement, we recommend to make a specific one with all the functions you want. like the BLE module, motors, chargeable module etc.