4WD MiniQ Complete Kit (SKU:ROB0050)

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4WD MiniQ Complete Kit V1 (SKU:ROB0050)


4WD MiniQ mobile robot is especially designed for learning purpose. It comes fully assembled and all your need is a PC with Arduino IDE and 4xAA battery.

This upgraded version of MiniQ 4WD Kit comes with new Arduino Leonardo controller (ATmega32u4)but also integrates such modules as 1 RGB LED, photosensitive diode, 2 infrared trasmitter, 1 infrared receiver, 5 infrared line tracking sensor, two light sensors, 5 buttons and 1 buzzer.

MiniQ 4WD offers 8 lessons for beginners ,from entry to hunting the line,obstacle avoidance, remote control. Users can easily grasp through the tutorial.Code Package download,tutorials download.

  • lesson1.Get you to know Your Robot
  • lesson2.Control Buzzer
  • lesson3.Light Direction Indication
  • lesson4.Line_follow
  • lesson5.RGB LED
  • lesson6.Obstacle Avoidance
  • lesson7.Encoder
  • lesson8.IR Remote Control


  • Controller: Atmega32U4(Arduino Leonardo)
  • Power Supply: 4x AA batteries or Micro-USB
  • Working Voltage: 4.5 to 6V
  • Driving Mode: 4WD
  • Max Speed: 79cm/s
  • Size: 115x110x45mm
  • Weight:400g

Layout Introduction

4WD MiniQ Complete Kit (SKU:ROB0050)

Function about every component:

  • Infrared transmitter:transmit the infrared signal, the signal can be used for detecting obstacles
  • Infrared receiver:receive infrared signal, the signal can be used for obstacle avoidance
  • Photosensitive diode:sensitive with the light, so it can help you get some information about the light
  • Button:can be programmed for your idea
  • RGB LED:you can change its color use your code, it can show as an alarm and other things you want
  • USB port:download your code and let your robot talk to your computer
  • Buzzer(passive):be an alarm bell or sing a simple song
  • Controller:runs your code
  • Motor:can be controlled to run forward or backward, so that the car can turn left or right freely
  • Reset button;Reset the robot, the program in the robot will runs again from its initiation
  • Power switch:power switch of the robot
  • Power port:power provided from this port
  • Charge port: if your batteries can be charged, you can charge them from this port thus they can be hold in the car
  • Infrared line-follow sensor: can be used for detecting for white or black lines

Pin Mapping

  • Line follow sensor:
A0--IR0 (No.1 count from the left)
A1--IR1 (No.2 count from the left)
A2--IR2 (in middle)
A3--IR3 (No.2 count from the right)
A4--IR4 (No.1 count from the right)
  • Follow light: A5
  • Motors
D5-- PWM control from left motor, D12--EN1 direction control from left motor
D6-- PWM control from right motor, D7--EN2 direction control from right motor
  • RGB LED : D10
  • Infrared obstacle avoidance:
Transmitter:D13—IRL left transmitter sensor, D8—IRR right transmitter sensor
Receiver: D17—IRS receiver sensor

  • Button:A6
  • Encoder:
D0--INT2 Right Motor
D1--INT3 Left Motor
  • Buzzer
D16(MOSI)— Buzzer


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