DFRobot Digital Vibration Sensor (SKU:DFR0027)

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The DFRobot Digital Vibration Sensor is a digital Plug and Play sensor blocks. It has vibration switch digital input module and dedicated sensor expansion boards with the Arduino in combination. It can sense the weak vibration signals, which can be realized with the shock interaction with relevant works.
Product Performance:

  • The conductive pin will make an instant turn-on (ON) state when touched by the outside force to achieve the proper vibration force, or an appropriate speed from the (partial) energy.
  • No direction, any angle may burst.
  • The switch is suitable for small-current circuit (secondary circuit) or (IC) of the trigger.
  • At room temperature and normal use the next switch service life is up to 10 million times (times/1sec).


  • On-Time: 0.1ms
  • Open circuit resistance: 10Mohm

Pin Definition

Relay module pin definition :

  1. Input
  2. Power
  3. GND
digital input module

Connection Diagram

Digital module connection diagram

Sample Code

#define SensorLED     13
#define SensorINPUT   3  //Connect the sensor to digital Pin 3 which is Interrupts 1.

unsigned char state = 0;

void setup() 
  pinMode(SensorLED, OUTPUT); 
  pinMode(SensorINPUT, INPUT);
  attachInterrupt(1, blink, FALLING);// Trigger the blink function when the falling edge is detected

void loop()
        state = 0;

void blink()//Interrupts function

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