LED Current Meter 50A(SKU:DFR0245)

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This is a standard LED Current Meter 50A.The biggest featrue is that the LED Current Meter have reversed connection protection to prevent from being burnted out. It measures 0-50A with 2% accuracy. Best suitable for current display in the circuit.Just apply four wires without any extra circuit or components, it gives the reading straight away. Easy to use, and good company with robot application.It has three color to select, green/red.

Warnings: Please carefully follow the instructions for wiring. The power supply terminal and measurement terminal of this LED Current Meter are used common-ground connect. So,the measurement terminal of current meter must be cascaded after load. It's better that power supply of the current meter is isolated. And before using the current meter ,you must be connect the shunt firstly for fear that the current meter is burnted out by high voltage.


  • Measure Current: 0-50A DC
  • Power supply voltage: 4-30V DC
  • Display mode: 3-bit 0.56 Led digital tube
  • Accuracy:2%
  • Opening dimension: 45.5mm*26.5mm
  • Dimension: 48mm*29mm*21mm
  • weight: 23g(current meter)+60g(shunt)

Connection Diagram

Connection Diagram 1:

Connection Diagram 3

Connection Diagram 2:

Connection Diagram 4

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