URM05 High Power Ultrasonic Range Finder (SKU:SEN0003)

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REPLACED BY: DFRobot High Power Ultrasonic Range Finder V2.0 (SKU:SEN0003)


  • Range: up to 10m
  • Direction angle 15° (-6dB)
  • Operating temperature range: 0°C ~ + 40°C
  • Operating voltage: 6V-24V

The DFRobot URM05 High Power Ultrasonic Range Finder is based on electrostatic senscomp's 6500 ultrasound transducer design. It can measure a distances of up to 10m. The angle between the ultrasound probes is only 15 °, while the majority of the ultrasound is 60 °.


  • Power Supply: Internal voltage regulator circuit with wide operating voltage 6V-24V
  • Current: normal current 55mA, when sending the instant the current is 2A
  • Operating temperature range: 0°C ~ + 40°C
  • Interface: TTL level pulse
  • Operating frequency 49.5KHZ. Probe direction angle 15 ° (-6dB)
  • Ultrasonic Distance Measurement: 15 cm to 10.5 m
  • Operating modes: single-echo mode and multi-echo mode
  • Module Size: diameter 43mm, height 24mm
  • Module Weight: About 19g

Connection Diagram


Sample Code

//Arduino Sample code for DFRobot URM05 ultrasonic sensor
//Last modified 9th Feb 2011

#define ECHO 9
#define INIT 10
#define BINH 11

void setup()
  pinMode(ECHO, INPUT);//高电平脉宽读取引脚
  pinMode(INIT, OUTPUT); //开始出发引脚
  pinMode(BINH, OUTPUT); //消隐抑制
  digitalWrite(INIT, LOW);  
  digitalWrite(BINH, LOW);

void loop() 

void Measure()
  static int ultraValue; //declare a static value to store the value of the sensor
  int val = 0;
  int timecount = 0;
  digitalWrite(INIT, HIGH);//trigger the sensor
  digitalWrite(BINH, HIGH);//终止消隐
    val = digitalRead(ECHO);//Read the PWM width
    if (1000 == timecount)  break;
    timecount ++;
  while(val == LOW);
  digitalWrite(INIT, LOW);
  digitalWrite(BINH, LOW);
  ultraValue = timecount + 10;//Add a bias to the final the value
  Serial.println(ultraValue);//Send the ultrasonic sensor value to serial port

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