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USB BLE - the LINK is the communication module based on bluetooth 4.0. It uses the USB package which is compact and compatible with MAC & Windows. Now you could use this adapter to receive/transmit data.

Two BLE4.0 can realize the point-to-point wireless transparent transmission, master-slave machine setting, wireless program burning. USBBLE also could be a PC BLE wireless programming

adapter.which support all DFRobot BLE series, like Bluno, Bluno Romeo. etc


  • bluetooth chip:TI CC2540
  • Frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Transfer rate: ≤1Mbps
  • Modulation: GFSK, bluetooth low power, V4.0
  • Power consumption: working:10.6mA average ,ready mode:8.7mA
  • sensitivity: -93dB
  • Input Voltage: +3.3 DC
  • Operating temperature: -10 ℃ ~ +85 ℃
  • Transmission distance: 15~20m indoor (30m in free space)
  • size:32mm * 16mm

  • support by the AT command to debug the BLE
  • support the master-slave machine switch
  • support transparent transmission serial port (only support UNO and Arduino Mega)
  • support bluetooth remote update the Arduino program

Wireless Programming via USBBLE-LINK

In this section, we will learn how to Upload the sketch on air via BLE. It is really amazing.

Tools required

  • Ble-link x1
  • Micro USB cable x1
  • XBee expansion shield x1

Step by Step

The Step by Step tutorial of the USBBLE-LINK is almost the same with the Bluno.

How to Wireless Programming through BLE.

Forum page about BLE LINK Wireless Programming

Update BLE Firmware

It is better to update the newest firmware for the better experience.

As USBBLE Link is using CC2540 chip, the method of the updating is very close to BLE-Link

Please choose BLE LINK firmware. Or it won't work. The boot button is inside of the cover, please use a male jumper cable to touch the Boot button.

Configure the BLE through AT command

There are three revolutionary BLE firmware versions now, maybe it will be more.

For the reason of unified management, we will put all BLE AT command on the BLUNO wiki page

BLE AT Command Configuration


Q1. I need to install it under Windows OS, but Windows keeps asking for the correct driver which I do not have. But I have not found any driver through out your site, what should I do?

A. Hi, actually, as long as your computer has been installed Arduino IDE by a .exe file (not a zip file), the driver for this USB BLE Link (UNO) would be installed automatically. Click here to know more.

For any question/advice/cool idea to share, please visit DFRobot Forum.

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