0.3M pixel serial JPEG camera module (SKU:SEN0099)

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0.3M pixel serial JPEG camera module


The ZM 0.3 Megapixel serial JPEG still camera module has a compact size, low power comsuption, and stable operation. 5.0V DC Supply. UART: Up to 115200bps for transferring JPEG images. The camera uses the advanced OmniVision OV7725 VGA color sensor JPEG CODEC for different resolutions. The camera also features down sampling, clamping and windowing circuits for VGA, QVGA, and no need for external DRAM. The use of the OmniVision CMOS VGA color sensor makes this a low powered comsuption unit.

NOTE: The interface of this module is using RS232 protocol.


Embedded systems for imaging acquisition and control
Security and Control systems,
Remote or public monitoring.
Retrieved/object detection and recognition.
Robot/Industrial control, vehicle and medical systems.


5V power supply
Current consumption: 80-100mA
Communication interface/protocol: RS232
VGA/QVGA/160x120 resolution
Support capture JPEG from serial port
Default baud rate of serial port is 115200

Wiring description (For included cable)

Red wire to +5v
Black wire to GND
Green wire to RS232 RX line
Yellow wire to RS232 TX line

Connection Diagram

camera connection


0.3M pixel datasheet
test software pro
test software lite
software(pro) operation guide
sample image

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