System monitoring

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Hi Everyone!

First timer looking for some advice.

I am looking to create a system of sensors/probes to monitor a freezer. The system simply needs to record a bunch of things and then send that data to a server every x minutes or in real time.

somewhere between 6-10 probes or differing types probably 4 analog and 4 digital
communicate with a server in the cloud preferably over wifi using http(s) but with a GSM option

It doesn't need LCD screens, a built in web server and all that jazz, the clever stuff will be done server side.

I was thinking Raspberry Pi or Arduino.

Examples of things measured

Is the door open? Reed switch and magnet
What is the temperature in the freezer? PT100 probe
What Amps is the system drawing?

So I've seen a bunch of things that look like they'll do the job.

Ideally, it needs to be readily expandable to deal with as many as 10 fridges/freezers rather than having to have a CPU for each one.

I conversant with server side coding (SQL/VBA) but not the hardware side.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated as the sheer quantity of things is immense.