Empowering Creation for Future Innovators

Our mission is to form a community with easy access to whether hardware, software and ideas that allow makers and younger generation to achieve their goals and realize creative ideas in an effective manner.

About DFRobot

DFRobot was founded from a local maker community in 2008, among the first to embrace open source hardware, we keep creating innovative, user-friendly hardware & software products that become the building blocks in all kinds of electronic projects and fostering a strong community of learners around it.
After a decade, DFRobot has expanded from open source hardware to STEM education, manufacturing, and other industries. The company’s production lines cover from gadgets around Arduino, LattePanda, Raspberry Pi, micro:bit, to comprehensive learning kits for K12 students such as Boson kit, micro:Maqueen series and Mind Plus.

A Dream Factory for Robo-holics




employees with diversified backgrounds and cultures, from former nuclear submarine technician, bluechip company senior engineer, artist, hacker to software guru

of employees have R&D and design background

self-owned factory size

Drive the Future

DFRobot designs a large range of user-friendly electronic toolkits and modules in different levels, including sensors, robotic platforms, communication modules and so on. Moreover, detailed and organized online documentation with operation steps, sample codes and schematics are available to easily get started.

Providing easy, quick and reliable service for industrial solution, DFRobot customized, manufactured, and assembled PCBs and other electronic modules that applied in many industries, including automotive and energy, aerospace, medical, automation, construction, consumer goods, etc. Among those partnership, we “travelled” into space, we witnessed the world 1st win10 dev board.

In an attempt to empower creation for future generations, since 2013, DFRobot began to create STEM education kits and comprehensive learning resources including hardware, software, content solutions for students to engage with in the classroom, which allow students to benefit from creation, in identifying their own challenges, solving new problems, motivating themselves to working together, inspiring and sharing with others. We believe making and creating get our younger generation closer to the future, and one day they will change the world with what they make.

Serving Creators across the Globe

DFRobot builds up a full ecosystem of online and offline touchpoints to better serve and communicate with our community members, Benefit from the strong community of learning and sharing fostered in last 10 years, the boundary of geography, technique and culture incorporates into the power of ideas and creativity.

A Journey through Creation

Keep Diving into Innovation and Connecting the World



total units of goods manufactured

products designed and developed




distributors all over the world

countries and areas products sold to

developers, makers, tinkerers, researchers, students and teachers served around the world

Together We Innovate