Key Features

Arduino Compatible

Microcontrollers in the Romeo series use the same pin mappings as official Arduino boards and are compatible with Arduino shields.

User-Friendly for Robotic Applications

Products in the Romeo series are specifically designed for robotics applications and extended devices. They all integrate 2-way DC motor drivers, wireless sockets and PWM/PLL control modes. No more messing around with breakout boards - start your project immediately using just one board!

Standard 3-Pin Interface

The Romeo series features DFRobot's standard 3 pin “Gravity” interface, compatible with “Gravity” series sensors and actuators. Hundreds of sensors are now plug-and-play with Romeo without a tangle of jumper cables.

Extra Power Port for Servos

Boards in the Romeo series provide a convenient extra power port for servo connections.

Convenient for Debugging

There are five test buttons on each Romeo microcontroller. Debug your project from the board itself without the need for a computer!

Powerful Capabilities

Romeo for Intel Edison satisfies the needs of professionals: all functions from the Romeo all-in-one controller are included, with the addition of powerful functions from the

Supported Software


GoBLE is an universal Bluetooth remote controller that allows you to connect and control robots, mobile platforms, drones or anything else such as unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) with your mobile devices via Bluetooth.


Designed by makers, and for makers, WhenDo is a comprehensive graphical programming developing tool based on Arduino. WhenDo is the most sufficient way to learn about Arduino and every basic programming logic. WhenDo comes compatible with all Arduino MCUs that have Bluetooth 4.0 capability.


Name CPU Memory Power Digital IO Analog IO I2C UART Size Wireless Programming Motor Controlling Xbee iBeacon Mobile App
Romeo for Intel® Edison Controller (Without Intel® Edison) Intel® SoC 16KB 5V 20 6 2 No 3.9 in x 3 in No Yes Yes No Yes
Romeo Atmega 328p 32KB 5V 20 8 1 No 3.5 in X 3 in No Yes Yes No No
Romeo V2 ATmega32u4 32KB 5V 23 12 1 No 3.5 in x 3 in No Yes Yes No No
Romeo BLE Atmega328p 32KB 5V 20 8 1 No 3.7 in x 3.2 in Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Romeo BLE mini Atmega328p 32KB 5V 12 4 1 No 1.8 in x1.5 in Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes