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Pending/ Waiting for T/T - Your payment has not been cleared. Providing payment receipts can help us to process your order quickly.

Preorder – Your order contains preorder items, the whole order will be shipped together by default. You can see estimated delivery time on the product page. Please also be aware the pre-order schedule might change under notification.

Processing (Backordered) - Few items of your order are out of stock. It needs backorder. Please contact us if you want to ship available items first.

Shipped - When your order status is marked as "shipped", your order is on its way to courier (DHL, EMS, HK post, etc). You should receive a tracking number when your order is under this status.



Customs, Duties and Taxes


Our Term is FOB Shanghai which doesn’t include custom fee. You should expect to pay any amount charged by the government in your respective country. This includes, and is not limited to, duties, taxes and any extra fees charged by the courier company.


Below are the customs duties and VAT of several commonly encountered countries, provided for reference purposes only. Please note that the actual charges may vary and are subject to the local authorities.

European Union

International VAT

VAT is charged on all low-value orders shipping within the EU. This applies to all 27 member states. The VAT rate varies by country.(Range from 19% to 25%) All orders with a subtotal below 150 EUR are eligible. The VAT rate will be applied on the order total, which includes shipping costs. Exemptions are not available.

Import Duties

Imported goods with a value exceeding 150 euros will be subject to a tariff of approximately 3.7%.

United Kingdom

International VAT

VAT is charged on all low-value orders shipping to the United Kingdom. There is a 20% VAT rate on goods valued up to £135. Exemptions are available to some businesses.

Import Duties

Imported goods with a value exceeding 135 pounds will be subject to a tariff of approximately 2.0%.

United States

Import Duties

Goods with an import value exceeding 800 US dollars will be subject to a tariff of 25.0%


The tariff rates in Canada range from 0% to 35%, with an average rate of 8.56%. Additionally, different provinces may impose varying rates of sales tax. Imported goods with a Free on Board (FOB) value not exceeding 20 Canadian dollars are exempt from customs duties, value-added tax (VAT), provincial sales tax, or unified sales tax.


Import Duties

Import duties in Brazil range from 0% to 35%, with an average rate of 22.77%. Brazil implements a simplified tax system where imported goods with a value between 50 US dollars and 3000 US dollars, shipped via postal service or express delivery, are subject to a fixed unified import tax of 60% of the CIF value. Under the simplified tax system in Brazil, for goods with a value between 50-3000 US dollars, there is a state sales tax of 18% imposed on the sum of the CIF value and import duties.

Other taxes

*IPI (Industrialized Products Tax): It is a federal consumption tax imposed on the CIF value at rates ranging from 0% to 300%.

*PIS (Social Integration Program), PASEP (Public Servant Property Formation Tax), and COFINS (Social Security Contribution) are all federal consumption taxes calculated based on the CIF value, customs duties, and IPI tax.

*Storage Fee: 1% x (CIF value + customs duties)

*Air Handling Fee: 1 BRL per 0.015 kg

*Airport Fee: 50% x (storage fee + air handling fee)

*Customs Clearance Fee: A flat fee of 30 BRL per cargo vessel.


Import Duties

The tariff rate in India is 7.5% CIF.

Other taxes and charges include:

*Goods and Services Tax (GST): 18.0% (CIFD + SOCIAL_WELFARE_SURCHARGE)

*Social Welfare Surcharge: 10.0% BCD

*Unloading Charges: 1% x CIF value

*Countervailing Duty: 0% or 6% or 12% x (CIF value + unloading charges)

*Education Cess (Basic Education + Higher Education): 3% x (CIF value + countervailing duty)

*Anti-dumping Duty: 4% x (CIF value + unloading charges + countervailing duty + education cess)


Free Shipping Policy


Start Date - All Time

End Date - All Time

Orders Over $150 - Your order will enjoy free shipping via DHL. In most cases, it takes 3-5 working days to arrive.

Exceptions - Orders over 2KG or orders from countries in Zone 9 are not eligible for free DHL shipping. To see a full list of countries in zone 9, click here.

Arduino board/LattePanda board/Raspberry Pi board/micro:bit board/NVIDIA board/Lark Weather Station will be excluded;

All PCB orders will not enjoy free shipping.

Distributors are not eligible for free shipping.



Shipping Method


Shipping Method via Delivery Area Delivery Time(business day) Tracking No. Weight Limit
DHL Asia 2-5 YES No Limit
Western EU 2-7 YES No Limit
Eastern EU 3-7 YES No Limit
North America 2-3 YES No Limit
Australia 3-7 YES No Limit
South America 5-10 YES No Limit
Africa 5-10 YES No Limit
EMS Russian 6-30 YES No Limit
Registered Mail Partial Countries Not Ensure/Unstable YES < 1KG




For most Asia countries, order should reach you 2-5 working day.

For Western EU countries, order should reach you 3-7 working days.

For Eastern EU countries, order should reach you 3-7 working days.

For North America, order should reach you 3-5 days.

For Australia, order should reach you 3-5 working days.

For South America, order should reach you 5-15 working days.

For Afica, order should reach you 5-15 working days.



Registered Mail


Weight : Each parcel should less than 1 KG.

Price: The total amount is less than 100 USD.

Delivery time: This shipping service usually takes up to 20-40 business days, but it is not guaranteed and is unstable.


1.Orders containing battery, liquid and magnet cannot be shipped by Registered Mail.

2.It can only be sent to countries and regions listed below. In form of Country Alpha-2 code.


3. We are not liable for any lost of goods via this shipping method which means we will not resend your order if it was missing or damaged.

4. This shipping method does not have a return service.




As the default shipping method for orders to Russia. Tracking information is available.

If EMS is disabled, we will change to an alternative shipping method under the suggestion of our carrier.





Shipping Address


We will ship to the shipping address you provided, please notify us any address change before your order is marked as "Processing" to avoid parcel loss.



Combined Shipping


We could help combine shipping of multiple orders, please choose combined shipping method in the latest order and notify us in the comment of all orders that you want to combine.





We do not offer insurance which covers you in the unlikely event that your parcel is lost or damaged by the postal services.





With standard courier practice, you check the contents of the parcel before signing for your goods. If you do not we can't be held liable for any damage that may have occurred in transit.