Bluno Series

Making Bluetooth 4.0 Easier to Use

DFRobot Bluno series is an Arduino-compatible Bluetooth 4.0(BLE) hardware solution designed by makers,and for makers.

All Bluno products are Bluetooth 4.0 ready,and enjoy features such as wireless programming,smart App controlling,long communication range,and plentiful periphery modules.

Key Features


Programmable Arduino

Bluno Series microcontrollers are compatible with standard Arduino pins which means any project made with Arduino can directly go wireless via Bluetooth!

Ready to Use Bluetooth 4.0

All Bluno Series integrate onboard BT 4.0 chip which provides wireless programming via BLE, Bluetooth HID, AT command config and firmware upgrading.

Control with Smartphone

PlayBluno is a free dedicated app for Bluno developers and it’s completely opensource. Users are able to control robots/mobile platforms with GoBle just like controlling with joystick.

iOS and Android Ready

Got a Nexus phone? Connect, play and develop your Bluetooth projects on both iOS and Android platforms.

Implement Your Project Easily

Tinkering with Bluno is exactly the same experience as tinkering with Arduino: easy, quick, straightforward.

A Jungle of Periphery Possibilities

Add a flame detector, a motor, a touch screen, or anything else onto your Bluetooth project.

No Jailbreaking Required

You don’t have to root your iPhone before using Bluno products and the Apps – no jailbreaking required.

Long Communication Range

The onboard antenna provides strong signal with a long communication range up to 98 ft (30m).



Designed by makers, and for makers, WhenDo is a comprehensive graphical programming developing tool based on Arduino. WhenDo is the most sufficient way to learn about Arduino and every basic programming logic. WhenDo comes compatible with all Arduino MCUs that have Bluetooth 4.0 capability.


GoBLE is an universal Bluetooth remote controller that allows you to connect and control robots, mobile platforms, drones or anything else such as unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) with your mobile devices via Bluetooth.


BigBee is a graphical programming app that is compatible with popular DFRobot modules like buttons, LEDs, humidity/temperature sensors, potentiometers and infrared remote controllers. You can create your own invention with any combination of these modules and a Bluno microcontroller.

Application Scenario

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Name CPU Memory Power Digital IO Analog IO I2C UART Range Size Wireless
Xbee iBeacon Mobile
Bluno Atmega 328 32KB 5V 14 6 1 1 30m 3x2.1 in Yes No No Yes Yes
Bluno Nano Atmega 328 32KB 5V 14 6 1 1 20m 2x0.75 in Yes No No Yes Yes
Bluno Mega 1280/2560 Atmega 1280/2560 128KB/256KB 5V 54 16 1 4 40m 4x2.1 in Yes No No Yes Yes
Romeo BLE Atmega 328 32KB 5V 14 6 1 1 40m 3.5x3.3 in Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Bluno Beetle Atmega 328 32KB 5V 4 4 1 1 20m 1.1x1.3 in Yes No No Yes Yes
Bluno M3 STM32 F103RET6 512KB 3.3V 39 11 1 5 30m 2.7x1.2 in Yes No No Yes Yes
Romeo BLE Mini Atmega328p 32KB 5V 8 4 1 1 30m 1.8x1.5 in Yes Yes No Yes Yes