Bluno - An Arduino UNO Compatible Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) Controller

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Bluno combines the user-friendly nature of Arduino with the wireless prowess of Bluetooth 4.0, offering an efficacious and pliable solution for IoT projects. Featuring an ATmega328 microcontroller and an integrated BLE chip, Bluno empowers developers to effortlessly exchange data with Bluetooth devices, without the need for delving into intricate Bluetooth protocols. The board boasts a plethora of I/O interfaces, support for a wide range of sensors and actuators. Compatible with the Arduino IDE, Bluno serves as an exemplary choice for prototyping and testing applications encompassing home automation, environmental monitoring, and automated control.

Arduino UNO+BLE=DFRobot Bluno

Compatible with Arduino Programming

Bluno is programmed using the Arduino IDE, rendering it user-friendly for individuals already acquainted with Arduino. This feature allows for instant utilization without the need to acquire new programming tools or adapt to unfamiliar environments. Additionally, its compatibility with Arduino ensures access to a vast array of resources, such as a multitude of Arduino libraries and example code. These resources greatly expedite the development process and alleviate difficulties. Furthermore, Bluno benefits from a solid backing of community support. The Arduino community thrives as an active and open-source network comprising countless developers and enthusiasts. This vibrant community makes it effortless to seek assistance, exchange knowledge, and share experiences.

Supports Arduino Shields and Various Sensors

Bluno follows the standard Arduino pin layout, encompassing interfaces for digital I/O, analog input, PWM, I2C, SPI, and UART. Consequently, Bluno can seamlessly accommodate a wide range of Arduino-compatible shields. This advantageous feature enables the utilization of existing Arduino shields and sensors without necessitating additional hardware purchases for compatibility with Bluno. As a result, development and prototyping costs are effectively reduced.

DFRobot Bluno Supports Arduino Shields and Various Sensors

Multiple Wireless Capabilities

Bluno supports Bluetooth data transmission, enabling wireless communication between a smartphone or another Bluno device. This is achieved through straightforward "Serial.write" and "" commands for sending and receiving Bluetooth data. Moreover, Bluno provides the added convenience of wireless programming. Once two devices are connected, you can effortlessly upload code from one Bluno to another one. This streamlined process simplifies updates and enhances overall flexibility.

Arduino uno bluetooth multiple wireless capabilities

DFRobot Bluno Upload Code

DFRobot Bluno series is an Arduino-compatible Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) hardware solution designed by makers, and for makers. All Bluno products are Bluetooth 4.0 ready, and enjoy features such as wireless programming, smart App controlling, long communication range, and plentiful periphery modules.

DFRobot Bluno series

Introduction to Bluno Series


  • On-board BLE chip: TI CC2540
  • Wireless Programming via BLE
  • Support Bluetooth HID
  • Support AT command to config the BLE
  • Transparent communication through Serial
  • Upgrade BLE firmware easily
  • DC Supply: USB Powered or External 7V~12V DC
  • Microcontroller: Atmega328
  • Bootloader: Arduino Uno ( disconnect any BLE device before uploading a new sketch )
  • Compatible with the Arduino Uno pin mapping
  • Size: 60mm * 53mm(2.36"*2.08")
  • Weight: 30g


Project 1. Build KnowFlow: automatic water monitor

Introduction: KnowFlow is the name of this water quality monitoring device, based on "Arduino Uno". It can automatically monitor 5 parameters of water: pH, Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, Electronic Conductivity, ORP.

Project 2. How to Make an Automatic Christmas Tree

Introduction: With all the lights and decorations that people use at Christmas, power is left on all the time and electricity bills skyrocket. I made this motion detecting Christmas tree light setup that only turns on when people are nearby.

Project 3.
How to Make a Santa Alarm

Introduction: Using the new RGB color sensor available at DFRobot, I rigged up a simple proximity alarm. I can use this to warn myself if someone is in a close range of my Christmas tree putting presents under there. The hardware of this project is pretty simple and suitable for beginners.

Project 4. How To Build Your Own MechaGodzilla Armor! 56 Days To Make Wearable Monster Suit Using EVA & Gears!


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Bluno - An Arduino UNO Compatible Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) Controller

In Stock
  • 3-4$23.65
  • 5-9$22.50
  • 10+$21.00