ServoCds55 library for Digital dynamixel servo Shield

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I just bought the digital dynamixel servo shield for Arduino in order to control my AX-12A dynamixel motors. The library ServoCds55 doesn't provide all commands available from the dynamixel motors.
How could I for example have a feedback on the position of the motors?
Thanks for your help!

2018-08-02 10:10:21 Great info! Thank you. userHeadPic zukethenuke
2018-07-09 18:01:38 Hi!

Thanks for your links!
Yes, for setting new ids.. or even working with different ids doesn't seem to work straight out of the box. Here a post about this issue:
... with no ansers :-(

Robotis started to develop an arduino shield for the dynamixels, but it is still in development. Here the link to my post and their answer: ... no=2406886

I have never tried the Arbotix-M Robotcontroller, but we'have been using the openCM9.04 so far.
Good luck!!
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2018-07-08 09:48:29 The more I look into this the more I think this shield is a failure. I can't find any support or information for it. Was probably a waste of money. I'm replacing it with a ArbotiX-M Robocontroller, this seems to have a ton of users and support. userHeadPic zukethenuke
2018-07-08 06:24:21 And check out this library and video also. The video is for a different shield that never made it through it's KickStarter, but the library will still work the same. ... ixelSerial
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2018-07-08 06:22:15 Hi there, I'm in the same boat you are. I have the shield and 3 ax-12 motors and I'm trying to figure out how to daisy chain them and set ID's and all that. I just found a tutorial series on YouTube that looks good. Here's the link: ... yMjctnkFQf
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