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OBDII TTL Adapter Shorted Out?

userHead thatjsguy 2013-10-21 08:11:28 2514 Views0 Replies
I purchased a OBDII TTL adapter 6 months ago and now it has simply stopped working all together. The LED turns on, but obd.init() always returns 0. So I decided to do the due diligence of checking my connections and all was fine, so I decided to open the adapter to see and noticed that a few strands from the red wire were touching the black ground inside the case at J1 & J2. I fear this may have caused the device to become damaged.

What can I do at the point?

Edit: One possibility is that D0 and D1 were accidentally shorted. Makes me wonder if that could be the culprit instead. Regardless, I've ordered a replacement unit to keep my project alive.