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OBD-II Adapter / Arduino Due kit availability

userHead pad 2014-01-04 00:42:07 3831 Views1 Replies

I am interested by the kit #2 but I don't know if the MEGA will be fast enough to perform the tasks below.

- datalog on SDCard approximatively every 150~200ms 200 bytes coming from a request to my ECU (ISO9141/KWP2000, Read Data By Local Id)
- Show some datas on the touchscreen
- record all the GPS returned by the GPS, ie at 5Hz
- maybe some other algo to detect a new track when racing for example.

Does anyone tried to do such project with the MEGA or the Due ?
Is the Due be compatible with the examples sketch ?

I have a working project turning on my PC using an ELM327 dongle and now would like to port it to an Arduino platform.

Thanks in advance for the answers.
2014-01-06 02:35:44 ok thank you. userHeadPic pad