Arduino OBD-II Logger Kit #2

userHead Account cancelled 2013-11-16 03:20:48 2941 Views0 Replies
Hi everyone, I just wanted to see if someone has done this, Arduino OBD-II Logger Kit #2.
This is my first Arduino and I am very new at this. When I got the Kit, I dint realize that I needed to be program. I have it for about two weeks now and I still don't know much about how to make it work.

I have looked at other forums but they really don't say how.

Ex... I found this...

1.You need either Arduino IDE or CodeBlocks actually, not both of them.

2.You can down a complete package of megalogger which contains directories of libraries here:

3.You can use the SD slot on LCD if making a change in SD2card.h ... a2560/#faq

Even looking at this, I do not understand what to do. I have Arduino 1.0.5 and codeblocks but I am truly lost.

I could use some help.
Thank you for your support.
Facundo Molina