Building Robopeak 2.8” USB TFT driver for Angstrom.

userHead ferite 2014-05-21 23:33:27 7491 Views2 Replies

I am working on building the driver for a the Robopeak 2.8” USB TFT Touch Display. When I build the driver against Ångström (for x86 board) kernel header sources, I am getting this error:

* error: 'struct fb_info' has no member named 'fbdefio'*

After researching the problem, it seems caused for the lack of a setting in the kernel .config file:


I tryed just to add the line to the file but it still does not work. I tryed to add the following section to video/Kconfig (this does not make difference either):

depends on FB
default n

I hope that someone could provide some advice on how could I add CONFIG_FB_DEFERRED_IO config to my system so I can finish the building process?.

2014-05-23 11:38:51 Ferite,

After a little digging around. I guess that it might depend on the Board support package.
Is it possible that parameter has changed name in Angstrom?

userHeadPic Jose
2014-05-22 15:17:24 Hi ferite,

The standard approach is to add some KConfig line in the kernel source to create a driver section which refer to the CONFIG_FB_DEFERRED_IO feature.
A simple way is :

Select the Displaylink display driver ( Device Drivers-> Graphics support -> Support for frame buffer devices-> Displaylink USB Framebuffer support) as an external module. By doing so, the above features will be selected by the menuconfiger.
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