Problem with URM37

userHead pankratov.vs 2011-06-18 01:57:41 6614 Views3 Replies
I have [url=]URM37 v3.2[/url] plugged in Arduino ATMega8.

I have a problem: it's work good, until distance under 1.10m. But when distance becomes above 1.10m the device behaves strange. While distance keep above 1.10m it returns high byte 255 and low byte 255 also. When distance becomes under 1.10m again, it returns high byte 0 and low byte 0.

Help me please.

2011-06-23 21:26:00 Problem resolved.
I plugged URM37 in Arduino with ATMega 168 and used library of Miles Burton.
userHeadPic pankratov.vs
2011-06-23 18:40:19 Yes userHeadPic pankratov.vs
2011-06-22 18:10:32 You mean when the object is within 1.1m of the sensor, it gives you 0xFF 0xFF (255,255)? userHeadPic R2D2C3PO