Question about light-sensor VEML7700

userHead Account cancelled 2018-07-28 01:46:32 1694 Views1 Replies
Hi Everyone

I am new here and my English just general ,if you see any word or grammar is error,pls Considerate :)

I have some question about VEML7700

First, I use the code and library on this page : ... _Documents

than, I test VEML7700 and professional Illuminance instrument in my room, i get the value is same.

whan I take sensor and Illuminance instrument test in the sunshine,the value with Illuminance instrument is 40000LX ,but the value on VEML7700 just 2000LX

Is anything error in code, library or just the sensor can't test in the sunshine?
2018-08-01 15:21:13 The range of the sensor should be good to use, Could you verify that two sensors give different values in different sunshine or light first? userHeadPic robert.chen