Romeo BLE Servo PWM Help needed

userHead coreyjohnson75 2018-07-29 04:46:23 2216 Views1 Replies
Hello, I have been fighting with this for a week. I have the Devastator tank with a Romeo BLE in it and use the stock code provided:
int E1 = 5; //M1 Speed Control
int E2 = 6; //M2 Speed Control
int M1 = 4; //M1 Direction Control
int M2 = 7; //M1 Direction Control

I need to know what PWM pins I can use for servos. I have 5 PWM servos that I need to control but every time I try I either get a humming noise from the motors, reset the Romeo (blinking LED?), or one of the motors will not respond anymore.
I have been trying: 6 PWM Outputs (Pin11, Pin10, Pin9, Pin6, Pin5, Pin3) but have tried others as well. I have tried 5v2A, 7.5V3A, 12V2A, 12V3A combinations. I am providing power to both Motor power inputs and PWM power inputs. I have tried with and without a shared ground.

Please help.
2018-08-01 18:41:59 The motors don't react as the code shows, you can place the Romeo BLE a little higher to away from the motors, and use an external power, like 7.4V lipo battery to have a test. userHeadPic robert.chen