reverse polairty SIM808 shield

userHead azirakamel 2018-08-01 06:16:15 1533 Views2 Replies
Hi guys,

so I'm working on a porject with SIM808 and by accident I reversed the polarity in the Vin pin...I would like to know if that could cause any problem in the future?

nb: the board is working for now.
2018-08-01 15:15:30 Hi there, there were no smoke, I was luky that the reversed voltage was 5v from powerbank (in the Vin input), however I'm panicking that I've damaged the board, I was looking if the board has reversed polarity protection but I couldn't find any info about that, manyThanks for your reply! userHeadPic azirakamel
2018-08-01 09:34:50 Did it smoked? And is there any chip that very hot? Normally it is OK since is working now. userHeadPic robert.chen