DFR0327 arduino shield GPIO's not working

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first just let me say that i am completely new to the raspberry and mostly new to the arduino. i know alot of basic electronics, but next to no programming.

but i have decided it is time to learn, so jumped strait into the deep end.

first project, getting the readings from a DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor onto a graph on a web server.
that worked fine (after ALOT of coffee).

next up install the arduino shield on the raspberry and wire everything back up, using the GPIO's on the arduino (same port number and all), but i get no reading.

if i run a jumper from the sensor lead on the DHT11 to the GPIO pin on the raspberry it works, so the GPIO on the raspberry and the python scrips seems to be working.

when i look on the board itself, it looks like the GPIO signal from the raspberry runs thru a YE08 chip. so i was wondering if i need to add something in my codes to activate this chip.

i did try to mount an LED and run the described in the manual for the shield, and that is running fine. so maybe the output voltage of the DHT11 is not enough to activate the chip ?`

any help would be greatly appreciated :)
2018-08-27 16:04:46
makermuyi wrote:
Mon Aug 27, 2018 3:35 am
I have a raspberry development board,but I don't konw python script your use.Can you send me a copy, I also want to test it.
basicly i ran thru this guide just to get a little familiar with the raspberry ... 5b0d8a5e48

the arduino expansion board has been added since.

the main plan with it is over time to get a full weather station running, but one step at a time :)
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2018-08-27 11:35:17 Hello!
I have a raspberry development board,but I don't konw python script your use.Can you send me a copy, I also want to test it.
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2018-08-24 17:24:28 Hello

i am using a 5V 3A power supply, to power the raspberry.
the DHT11 is running on via the GPIO of the raspberry, so i can't see it via the IDE, but if i run the python script from the terminal on the raspberry i get a bad sensor feedback.
if i place a jumper from PIN 15 (GPIO22) on the raspberry to the G22 pin on the DFR0327, it works and i get a reading of both temperature and humidity.

is there a way to read the GPIO from the arduino serial ?
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2018-08-24 15:59:30 Firstly, you need to power the raspberry pi with a 5V/2.5A power adaptor, to use the full function, enough power is needed for Raspberry Pi.
Secondly, when you launched the desktop of Raspberry Pi, you can open the IDE inside the system to run the code and DHT11 like in a laptop, can the serial monitor display the results?
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