SKU:SEN0186 and ESP8266 nodemcu

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I'm new to Arduino, and purchased the SKU:SEN0186 Weather kit and used your sample code to read the values from it. This works great if I use an Arduino Uno, but I wanted to try and use an ESP8266 variant by nodemcu as I wanted to send the values to a webserver, however when I upload the same code to it, it doesnt seem to produce any output. The nodemcu unit itself works if I flash it with a test webserver for example.

Did I do something incorrect, or am I trying to use the wrong board with the product?

I'm wondering if I just have to wait for the next release of the Uno that has the ESP WiFi builtin?

Any helpful feedback would be great to point me in the right direction.
2018-09-21 21:34:16 The description is a little vague. I noticed that when connected to a NodeMCU, the module board simply does not provide any values on Serial. I'm pretty sure this is because of voltage issues, when you power the board otherwise; it works as expected. So you might want to look for the problem there. userHeadPic jasper
2018-09-03 10:41:05 Hi.
According to your description of the problems.If you want to achieve get the values from the webserver, The ESP8266 Board you use must support access to the webserver, you must program the code to collect the weather data and upload it to the network.
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