MicroWave Motion Sensor SEN0192 Xbee

userHead Account cancelled 2018-09-04 03:13:28 2615 Views1 Replies
I'm exploring different ways of using this module SEN0192,

Would it be possible to turn it into a Zigbee device using an Xbee?

Any chance of getting some rough guidance on how to do this?
2018-09-04 10:50:23 Hi.
According to you description of module SEN0192. I look at the wiki for the moudle SEN0192 and Xbee. I think it can be used with Zigbee device Xbee. SEN0192 commmicates with others devices by digital singals, Xbee can handle digital signals.Of course.It depends on your programming ability.Hope help you.
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